Saturday, 29 September 2012



Submit Your First Chapter and 100-Word Pitch


Francesca My Love

Harlequin® Historical (Mills & Boon Historical Romance)

The interesting thing about this contest is that I does not allow you to use your PSEUDONYM, so, above you will notice the name of the story I wrote and its genre. I was up until three-forty AM this morning because it was getting close to the wire and I wasn't sure which time zone they were working with. I am sure if I had dug around I could have found it but here we are - I am officially submitted. 

This manuscript is completed but it does need some serious editing - that is the next step in the process. I have until October 21st to review and revise so I am anticipating a very busy few weeks.

Please see below for the link that will get you to the contest site, and if you could please vote for my story, I need to be in the top 25 to get this manuscript in front of Harlequin. Voting starts on October 2nd and runs until the 11th and you are allowed one vote daily.

Last year I didn't do so well because I had no idea I was meant to be "SELF-PROMOTING".  So, If you could please LIKE me via the above noted link on FaceBook while we wait for the POLLS TO OPEN, that would be great.

This manuscript I have submitted in set in Regency England so it is a HISTORICAL ROMANCE.

Thanks in advance for your help in the self-promotion of this manuscript, I really appreciate it.


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