Sunday, 3 June 2012

MANATEE KEY - Final Edits Approved

My editor approved my final edits for MANATEE KEY (the new title) and sent them off to my publisher. I will now wait for the content editor to get his/her hands on it and we will go from there.

My first week of unemployment has gone well. For those of you who don’t know me, I am in sales full time, or in this case, I ‘was’ in full time sales. I really like sales, but sadly was laid off eighteen months ago from a job I loved. I picked up a contract for a year with a different company, but that has just ended and now I find myself in the same situation as 18 months ago, minus the termination package...sigh...oh well, that leaves me a lot of time for writing so this is really a blessing in disguise.

I managed to clean up my office this week and got rid of excess paper and old work ‘things’ no longer relevant to me. I also finally got around to tidying up my apartment - what a nightmare Vancouver is. There is never enough space and unless you have lived here, you can’t really appreciate the desperation one feels when trying to put things away. The only sure thing about Vancouver is you certainly do throw a lot of stuff out. No one can possibly be a pack-rat in this city, there is just no room for that luxury.

I went to the Firehall Library on Thursday with four of my fellow RWA peeps and wrote for three hours, uninterrupted. It was nice to have company. As a writer you can get really isolated in your space so it was good to get out and connect with fellow writers. I will include Nora’s website below just so you know who I am hanging out with these days.

I flirted with some random man in the Library and I think it's worth noting, because in Vancouver, it rarely goes well...picture this...

I was getting a wet-wipe for my work surface from the librarian when an age appropriate and handsome man strolls in (wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase) and he looks at the bathroom keys for a moment, confused as to which to pick. I can’t help but look at him because in Vancouver, rarely does a handsome man actually smile and acknowledge you...he pipes up and says,

“A real man would know which key to pick”.

I laugh and smile coyly (Hey, I’m single and straight, and he is hot and not wearing a wedding ring, what else is a girl to do? I’m thinking I will use him in my next book, salt and pepper hair, a few lines around those honest, wholesome eyes that smile right back at get the picture).

So he picks the correct key and I give him my best smile. I manage to catch his eye and he drops his bathroom key. Suddenly, the world stands still. Do I reach for it? No, of course not. The handsome guy without the wedding ring reaches down and picks it up and says aloud,

“A real man wouldn’t have dropped the key.”

I think for a minute because this is going to be a moment in time where I only have one shot and out of my mouth comes,

“No, I am sure you are a real man. I would like to think that I just threw you off.

His eyes are really smiling now and he is is the librarian (x 2) and five other people who were in the vicinity on the computers, in line behind me, looking at the sale bin (my library has a sale bin of old books).

It was one of my more quick-witted moments and whoever he was, I know he is telling the same story to his friends and family, but perhaps with a different twist.

PHOTOGRAPHY  Courtesy  of  Maggie Devine

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